Ugh. What was I thinking?!

Minor in the grand scheme of things but I am really regretting cutting my hair. :(

As a general statement: I don’t love it but sometimes I kind of like it. In Virginia I was finally really liking it and I could style it decently and easily… And then I colored it and all that went away (the color was cool but it’s a bitch to take care of—colored shampoo creates a huge mess every time I shower, I need to do protein treatments to help it stay healthy and repair damage).

So it slowly grew out more and I started liking it again (I’d always wanted really long hair) but I came to realize the annoyances of long hair so was thinking about a change and after much (but apparently not quite enough) deliberation, got about five inches cut off. And now I’m back to not really liking it again. :(

Of course it looked good when the stylist finished but it’s just too short. And whether I leave it curly or straighten it myself it looks bad (to me). Last night Tom said it looks fine and I agree. Fine. Not bad but not good. Fine. Blah. And unfortunately my hair plays a big part of how I feel about myself so this really sucks. Yes it will grow but my hair takes forever so this is going to be painful. I’m now trying to decide if a minor cut will help or hurt more.

I feel like I keep sabotaging myself but at the time I get <whatever> done it seems perfectly reasonable.


I hate that my hair causes me so much grief.

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