Once annoying, always annoying.

Some lady offered me $40 for the $150 police car power wheels we were selling:

Her: How much for the car?
Me: $150
Her: I have $40.
Me, laughing: Yeah, no.
Her: Are you sure?
Me: Positive.

Yes, I literally laughed in her face when she offered $40. I mean REALLY?!

So she kept walking around and finally comes back over and says $100. I say the lowest I can do is $125. She says $100. I say no, $125. I tell her I don’t really even want to sell it, so there’s no way I’m taking less than $125.

She walks around our driveway again then comes back and says $100. I just shake my head no. So she leaves, then about 20 minutes later drives by, rolls her window down, and asks “$100?” I yell across to her “$125.”


In the meantime, the garage sale ends but by chance someone else has shown interest at my full $150 asking price but she had to leave and talk to her husband.

So about two hours after the garage sale (and an hour after the other lady was there) our doorbell rings. It’s the annoying lady saying she wants the car for $125. (She didn’t even know if we still had it.) I kinda laugh and say “Well, someone else has shown interest at $150 so I need to ask her first.”

I don’t think she believed me but oh well. So I went in to grab my phone to text her and I came back out and her and her husband were in our garage looking at and handling OTHER THINGS (the police car was in there, but they were touching other stuff). WTF? WHO DOES THAT? So I tell her I will let her know as soon as I hear from the other lady. She says fine, I get their number, and she says they will be home around 4. Fine.

I talk to the other lady and she says if I can sell it, go ahead, her hubby wasn’t into it. So I text the annoying lady around 4 and tell them it’s available for $125 and to let us know so we can get it out of the garage. About two hours later we’re just sitting down to eat and the doorbell rings. Tom goes (I should have but oh well) and comes back and says it was “some girl asking if we had sold the car.” Well I have no idea who “some girl” is because I had never seen a girl, so I thought maybe it was one of the other 10 kids on the street who wanted it.

Well, turns out it was the annoying lady’s daughter, but Tom hadn’t known the update, so told her it was sold. This is what happened:



Good f’ing riddance. I didn’t especially WANT to sell it in the first place, but would have for $150 and possibly for $125, so there is no way in hell I’m now selling it to you for $100 after you’ve been so damn annoying all day. I really wanted to tell her something else, but I refrained because she does live nearby and I’m sure I’ll run into her again. But it’s people like her that make me hate people.

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