The fight that wasn’t.

To preface: Before we headed in, I started a dispute with the credit card company just in case but hoping we wouldn’t need it. We also learned a golden rule: “Always get it in writing.” We had the word of our 10-years-of-great-service sales guy who turned his back on us the minute there was an issue (likely due to his negligence…).

That said…it was over before it even started!

We walked in ready to fight tooth and nail—I had all my talking points ready, website print outs ready, and arguments ready. And our guy saw us and came right over, immediately saying (bluntly, I might add, with none of the friendliness we’ve always gotten) “They changed their mind—they’ll take it back. They just wanted to avoid all the hassle…”

My immediate reaction was (of course) YAY but then it was “Yeah right they wanted to avoid the hassle. They knew we were right.” He then went on to say that we were the only people of the 1000 people who have bought this bed that didn’t like it. And we are the ONLY ones that will have their bed returned because from now on it’s a written/confirmed “one exchange only” guarantee—basically saying we screwed it up for everyone… But really, that was what he had tried to tell me their initial policy was…?? So that’s what makes me think he really knew what happened and that’s why they made the decision they did. But we’ll never know because we weren’t going to press too hard…

He was also completely befuddled that there might be a Serta mattress he knew nothing about. When we were telling him what it was (the Hampton Inn bed) he asked where we bought it and looked at us like it was a shady deal or something because it wasn’t anything he knew about. He made sure to tell us his manager had never heard of it, either. AND he reminded us again that they’d NEVER had anyone (of the 1000!) want to return a bed and then go buy one somewhere else. So…? Not my problem. But! By him admitting they didn’t even know what it was…there’s no way they could have ordered it for us like he wanted us to think last night.

So, we’re very happy overall…even though we’re still taking a beating because we have to eat the initial delivery cost, the return delivery cost, the two “free” pillows (MSRP $100, available at Amazon for $89 I think) that we never even wanted, and the mattress protector (that protected the warranty on the bed). Which comes to a grand total of about $600. So we will have paid $600 to use the bed for 45 days. I do hope to recoup some money by selling the pillows…

In other mattress news, the Hampton Inn people called to make sure we ordered what we wanted and we ended up able to cancel the box springs to save about $260! (You can only order the whole set online—there’s no picking and choosing.)

So, with the charges we had to eat for the first bed and the deals (the sale) plus the credit of the box springs, we’ll end up having spent about $2000 total, which is fine with us.

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