The long wet road home.

Unfortunately the day got started a little earlier than planned since Katie was a hot mess and woke us up screaming for no good reason. (She had actually done it quite consistently throughout the week, but it never lasted more than 20-30 seconds—even though it happened about 3-4 times a night. But today it never stopped.) So we were ALL up and moving by 4:30 and packed and leaving by 5:45. Katie didn’t stop crying for about 30 minutes, but then when she did…she napped for over three hours! YAY! And Owen finally dozed off about 10am so we had a good hour of pure silence. :)


And it was a dreary, rainy day…ALL the way home. And we hit a traffic jam right after lunch—a semi had gone off the road. So our already 13-hour road trip got another hour added to it. :(

2014-03-17 13.34.19

But, amazingly, both kids were REALLY VERY good. Katie had a few minor tantrums but milk and snacks took care of them. And the iPad got brought out a bit earlier in the trip than on the way down. She’s so cute, too—she will watch the whole movie (including credits) quietly, but AS SOON AS the movie stops, you hear “Mama!” :)

Owen dozed for another little bit about 7:30 but Katie never napped again. We rolled in at 8:30 on the dot…

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