Poor Owen

So he didn’t feel good the other night—enough so that he didn’t want dinner. So we took his temp and WOW it was 102°. So we gave him some Advil and an hour later he seemed back to normal. Par for the course.

He’s had the sniffles for a bit, too, but I just chalked that up to a cold or allergies making a reappearance.

And then yesterday evening I noticed his left eye was a little pink and goopy. With green crusties. Oh boy… So we cleaned him up and figured if his eye was dried shut in the morning I’d take him to the doctor. But it was perfectly clean. Not really even pink. And no temp. He mentioned his head hurt and pointed to his ear but I didn’t make much of it and gave him another Advil and an allergy pill.

So then it was off to school, where I did warn them about the sniffles and the eye so they could keep watch. And damn if when I picked him up they didn’t tell me he napped today and woke up with a green crusty eye. :|

I called the doctor’s office from the parking lot and they said to come right in. Phew! A quick look and yep, the doc said he definitely has pink eye—and an ear infection! AN EAR INFECTION! His very first! (Apparently the same germs that give you pink eye can also give you an ear infection.) And then it hit me—his sore ear this morning that I brushed off as a headache or allergies was an ear infection. Of course I felt bad putting two and two together a little late…but now I know.

The doc was going to give him liquid but I stopped her and requested pills. It wasn’t until later when I started wondering about the size of the pills…because while Owen can take pills, the ones he takes are TINY. And of course, these turned out to be horse pills and I thought we might have a problem. So I broke one in half (which was still about 10x the size of what he’s used to) and handed Owen both pieces, telling him he can take one at a time—but he had already put both pieces in his mouth and was trying to swallow them! He wasn’t 100% successful as one piece fell out of his mouth onto the floor…but he picked it right up, put it in his mouth, and swallowed it. Just like that. Holy wah. What a rock star! He earned a piece of chocolate for that!

Unfortunately, the drops are another story. He hates them. HATES THEM. Even though he knows they don’t hurt and are over in a split second. He’ll get better with them over the next day or so, but in the meantime it’s frustrating.

Poor Owen.

But we promised him that if he’s a really good boy with taking his pills and getting his drops…that we’ll take him to the Lego movie Sunday. Of course we had already planned on it but hadn’t told him…so why not use it to our advantage?! Parents need to take an advantage when they can, right?

Thankfully, overall though, he’s in good spirits. Like usual. :)

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  1. Poor Owee. I had my first ear infection as an adult about 10 years ago or more and it hurt! It really hurt! If you’ve never had one, you have no idea. Hope he feels better soon. And yea for Owen–taking pills like a big boy!

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