Owenisms 38

Katie locked herself outside of the gate.
Owen: Now I don’t have my little Miss Katie.

Driving home after errands.
Owen: Mama, this little girl over here is pooping.

Owen was playing on my phone in the car.
Owen: I can’t find Temple Run.
Me: I’m sorry. I don’t know where it is.
Owen: Well, I guess I’m going to have to play something else.

After fighting with Owen to try grilled pork and he realized he liked it…
Owen: Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I like pig now!

Trying a new candy (Nerds).
Owen: Chewing with a weird look on his face. What does it do?
Me: Nothing. It’s candy.
Owen: I don’t like it.

I poured a bit of my Slim Fast shake into Owen’s white milk.
Owen: Mom, you know what I called this before? Tast-eeee delicious!!

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