Katie’s first driveway nap

After my eye appointment today on base, we had a 40 minute drive home…right around Katie’s naptime…so yep, she fell asleep. She does not transfer well—a five-minute car nap means her real nap will be postponed for a few hours. If we were going to be at home, we’d try again, but that wouldn’t be possible today because we have Owen’s valentines party.

What was really surprising is that she didn’t wake up when the car stopped OR when I opened my door…either of which typically happens. So for the first time ever, I left Katie in the car to take her nap. (Actually, it was the first time I’ve ever done it with either kid!) And while I know she’s safe—it’s sunny and warm in the car plus I keep checking on her about every 10 minutes (and she hasn’t even moved)—it still feels weird even though I know people do it.


That said, she slept about an hour. I had hoped for even more but an hour was pretty good and better than nothing—and likely as best as I could hope for today. :)

And it was warmer in the car than I thought—she was a little sweaty. :)



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