HotAmi 2014, Day 1

Aside from my usual 4:45am potty trip, I slept in until 7:41! WOOHOO!

We went to our host’s house to carpool to a Cuban lunch:

Eddy, Sheryl, Tom, Me

Then we joined him on errands…which included Costco and Total Wine:


Then it was back to the house to visit and hang out before dinner.


And then Sheryl was having issues getting the iPad to take a picture so we were laughing. :)


On our way to meet for the “high end” dinner!


We were originally going to do the “budget” dinner…but then learned that a forum friend from California that I’ve really wanted to meet was going to be attending as a last-minute surprise so we switched. So we got to sit next to Brett and hear lots of Apple stories (super interesting to me)—he was a top engineer at Apple for many years and just recently retired. You know Siri? That was him. HDR on your phone? Him. AppleTV? His team. Just fascinating.

Me and Brett

Our table of 17:


Recreating a photo from last year (substituting Katie for Nancy who couldn’t make it this year):


And another California peep, Darren:


After a nice dinner and dropping people off at hotels, it was back to the house to visit for just a tiny bit until we called it a night—the previous night was 12:30 and tonight was 11:30 and we were exhausted!

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