Owenisms 34

Owen dropped a Lego while going upstairs: Uh oh! Lego alert!

While watching Monsters University:
Mommy, I have those Shrinky Dinkies!

Owen: Mama, is this another mama, Katie, and Owen day?
Me: Yes.
Owen: And not a Gramma Jean and Grauntie Marge day?
Me: Right.

Owen: Mama? Santa’s at the North Pole right now? It’s way way far away?
Me: Yes.

After getting some sad news, I SOOOO needed this today. Little boy cuddles have healing properties.

Me: I love my little boy.
Owen: I love my big mom.

Owen: When Santa comes to visit…
Me: Well, Santa doesn’t really visit. He comes while you’re sleeping and—
Owen: I KNOW. I’m using my imagination.

Owen: Mama, look! They’re protecting you!


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