Mystery Trip #6

First we had the beach with Gramma Jean. Second we did the playground. Third we did a movie. Fourth we did a different playground. Fifth was photos with Santa at the mall. I think that brings us to number six (though I should ask Owen—he’d know for sure!)—Jump In Jax, an indoor bounce arena. We met friends there for a play date and he was off like a shot. Luckily he takes care of himself because I have to stay near Katie to keep her corralled in the under 4 area.






Then I tried to at least get one picture of Owen. :)



I also had to have a little talk with Owen… He kept coming back to play in the toddler area with the blocks. Seriously? The kid I have to tell at least three times a day to stop jumping on the couch isn’t jumping on the bouncy things? I told him it’s okay for a few minutes—if he wants to come play with Katie—but otherwise he should be BOUNCING. We’ll see what happens the next time. :)

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