It’s a good, good morning.

The plan was for me to go in to Owen’s room as usual and then have Tom come knock on the door. Tom was up super early (before 5) and once I knew he was up and moving around I was paranoid that Owen would hear/see him and ruin the surprise…so I got up and dragged Tom back into the bedroom while we watched Owen on the monitor. Owen dutifully waited until his nightlight turned green at 6:30 before turning his bedroom light on and I went in shortly after.

I thought he would have been much more excited…but it was still sweet. And then people (on Facebook) pointed out his wiggling feet and I guess that’s how he shows excitement. He also sounds a little choked up toward the end. (Facebook only got a snippet. This is the whole thing.)

The Facebook comments were great:

  • I like the wiggly feet…..
  • Awwww. This is priceless. I think he was very excited. His little feet!
  • The wiggly feet give it away!! So sweet!
  • Those feet!!!!!
  • Awww. Those feet! I totally cried. Both times.
  • The boy who emotes with his feet. What an awesome moment.
  • I love the little foot wiggle.


Then first things first—he had to show daddy his Lego book!



And then it was time to surprise Katie. She doesn’t seem to recognize him at first…but don’t worry, she was saying “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” the rest of the day and didn’t want him to leave her sight.


And daddy even did the morning diaper change!


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