Clark Griswold I’m not.

This is our holiday display. It’s not quite up to my usual standards…but at least it’s something. :) (My pre-lit garland all died last year so I finally tossed it and haven’t found any decently-priced stuff to replace it. And I was going to string lights on the porch and bushes, but the lights I was going to use ended up on the house. And I don’t really feel like buying new lights.)


Our neighbors, however, surprised me—they’re renters, so I didn’t expect much—but they went all out. :)


One thought on “Clark Griswold I’m not.

  1. It looks nice! Mine aren’t even up yet. I had the same problems with half lit strings AFTER getting some of them up! Bought new ones, didn’t calculate length right and had to go back for more–then they weren’t on sale!!! After we bought more, they went on sale again the next day! $15 vs $30! I was fuming. Sent David back with them and one wouldn’t scan so all we got back was $15 vs $30. The UPC #that scanned the first time was NOT scanning the same the next time. I GOT NO IDEA. Anyway, sort of lost my enthusiasm, then got sick. We keep saying tomorrow we’ll do it. Yours looks very nice! Congrats!

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