The pain begins.

So this morning, as usual, I found Owen in his bathroom drinking water and spitting—so I put away his cup. I also put away his toothpaste and his animal flossing strips (because he thinks they’re toys and I really don’t want him losing them around the house—which would happen in about 14 seconds). I told him that we only got out the toothpaste, cup, and flossers when it was time to brush his teeth.

Fast forward 20 minutes or so when I hear the bathroom sink on full blast AGAIN. I go in there and he is…BRUSHING HIS TEETH! That little shit. I couldn’t yell at him because he was doing something good—on his own and something I had just mentioned—but it was still frustrating because I had told him not to play in there.

So, what was the first thing I did? Tell him not to move (because I had to run and get the camera, of course!). :lol:

Then I noticed all the toothpaste. In the sink and on his toothbrush and on his face and—WAIT. Where did he get toothpaste—I had put it away!? Did he climb up and get it out of the medicine cabinet??? No…I checked and that one was still there. So he obviously found another one somewhere (from our recent trip to the dentist, I’m guessing—but I don’t even know where it was!) AND managed to twist off the screw top (which, ironically, he can NEVER do when we ASK him to do it), and fill the sink with strips of toothpaste (which you can’t see in the picture). I also wondered what the bowl was doing there…and I didn’t have to wait long to find out: he was using it to drink from since I had taken his cup away.

I flossed his teeth, sent him on his way, and cleaned up the sink. AND PUT EVERYTHING AWAY AGAIN. Yes, it was a bit of a mess…but yes, I know it could have been A LOT worse.

So the pain is starting. He’s turning into a mischievous little boy with a mind of his own. Part of me loves it because it means he’s growing up, getting smarter, and thinking about things. But on the other hand, it’s a shit ton more work keeping an eye on him because you never know what he’s going to get into.

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