Privileges lost

Owen just lost all privileges of playing out of my sight.

He was upstairs and I assumed he was playing nicely. Ha.

Well, at first I heard some loud noises, but it sounded like his golf balls rolling around in the tub so I figured he was just playing in the tub which was fine. Then it got quiet and I got a little worried…but Katie was sleeping on me so I let him be and kept my fingers crossed.

Then he came down the stairs and I see he had taken off his pants and underwear—which worried me because that’s what he’s been doing when he has to poop. So I put Katie down (which wakes her up, of course) and go over to him…and notice poop hanging from his butt.


So I make him stand there until I can go grab a wipe to take care of that so it doesn’t end up in the carpet. Then we head up to the bathroom and OH MY.

Where to start? I couldn’t take it all in at once.

  • There was a pair of underwear in the toilet.
  • His underwear and pants were in a pile next to the toilet.
  • The tub was full of toys.
  • The hand towel was in the sink.
  • The mirror had water drops splashed on it.
  • The shelf above the sink was covered in water and toothpaste.
  • The countertop was covered in water and toothpaste.
  • There was poop smeared on the counter.
  • The toilet seat was covered in poop smears.
  • His shirt was drenched.
  • There was toothpaste on the countertop.
  • I lifted the towel from the sink to discover two toothbrushes—completely covered in a combination of toothpaste and liquid soap.
  • I noticed his kiddie flossers in the sink and on the counter—which meant he got up into the second shelf of the medicine cabinet (where I put things to keep them out of his reach).


Needless to say he got a time out…and he lost TV privileges for the day.

Overall I know it could have been worse, but I was still livid. This is the kind of stuff I just do NOT have the patience for…and what I worried about long before having kids. And I have to say that if Owen was acting like this earlier (at a younger age, like the Terrible Twos that we missed) I would have seriously debated having a second.

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