The best things I did today.

The best things I did today. [Link dead as of 6/9/2016.]

Sooooo much this. Exactly.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when my hubs comes home from work and the house is messy, there’s no real plan for dinner, the kids are acting wild, and I’m stressed and overwhelmed, and he has the nerve to ask me, What did you do all day?

As if taking care of three children, one of which is attached to my breast every two hours, isn’t enough in and of itself.


It can be so frustrating. To feel like I’m not getting anything done. To look at my To-Do List at the end of the day and realize I can’t check anything off the list. To realize that tomorrow will likely be very much like today.

But here’s the thing. Life with little ones pretty much never fits into the neat little boxes we form in our minds. When you have little kids around the only thing you can pretty much plan on, is that things will not go according to plan.

And even though those plans I make are all good things, I cannot forget that the best things are what I get to do every day.

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