Walking like a zombie…and more!


Owen is obsessed with zombies, thanks to Tom’s iPhone game Plants vs. Zombies. He will tell you they pee on the floor (like they do in the game), he will list off characters (the one with the screen door, the one with the zamboni, etc.), and he will walk like a zombie… (And then of course he wants me to turn the phone/camera around so he can see himself, but of course it doesn’t work like that.)

He’s also obsessed with FINISH LINES, courtesy of the Cars Wii game he’s been addicted to for months…so he’s always talking about finish lines and spelling F-I-N-I-S-H. I can’t quite make out the first few words he’s whispering, but then I definitely hear finish line. Then I try to get him to say “Arrrr” like a pirate but it doesn’t quite turn out like I thought. :)

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