Progress? Probably just luck.

So, after a handful of “nights” of Katie waking up at 4am to eat (and me writing about it yesterday)…last night—well, this morning—it was 6:45! But the price I paid is that she didn’t take her morning nap (which is what I count on to get things done).

And even though she slept in, I didn’t sleep great… I woke up at 3 when she had a mini in-her-sleep outburst, then at 3:45 when Tom’s alarm went off (vibration, but still), then at 5 when he actually got up and showered and I was somewhat paranoid listening for her (positive she’d be waking up ANY minute), then at 6 when I got up to pee…

So, YAY for Katie, but I’m still :zz::zz::zz:

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