Most frustrating part of my day…

Putting Katie to bed at night is probably the most frustrating part of my day. She’ll be dead asleep so we put her down and then (most of the time) it’s an hour or more of ruckus and trips into her room before she actually calms down and falls asleep. Tonight this process started at 9…and I was still going at 10:48.

For those interested, it went kinda like this:

  • 8:30—Dead asleep napping on us, but we need to try and feed her before she goes down for good.
  • 8:40—Wake her up enough to eat but she only eats 2oz.
  • 9:00—Dead asleep, won’t burp. Lay down #1. Quiet.
  • 9:15—Crying! Get a burp, she’s out. Lay down #2. Quiet.
  • 9:30—Crying! Eats 3oz, burps, she’s out. Lay down #3. Quiet.
  • Tom falls asleep.
  • 9:45—Crying! Diaper change, cuddles/burping, and she’s OUT. Lay down #4.
  • 10:00—Screaming hungry bloody murder! But she only eats 1oz and falls dead asleep, won’t burp. Lay down #5. Quiet.
  • 10:20—Crying! Wide awake! Eats 1oz, lots of attempting to burp but nothing. Finally falls dead asleep about 10:45. Lay down #6…

At which point I wasn’t sure if she’d be up again or not, but luckily that was it. FINALLY. It’s such a good thing she sleeps all night (most of the time)…

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