Our good friends Tom and Karen (that live on the other side of our neighborhood) have moved back into town, and they have three kids (ages 6, almost 5, and 8mo) so we’ve been seeing them more lately—which is great for Owen! We had dinner over there this past weekend, and Owen and Nate (the 6yo) got along fabulously…Owen showed up with his knight helmet and sword and Nate was already running around with his own sword! Owen also sat and talked to the 8mo which was adorable! They’ve also been to our house to swim a few times, but that’s a little overwhelming for Owen who is used to having his pool to himself (but we keep doing it so he’ll get used to it)!

Today, I left Owen there while I had a doctor’s appointment, and Karen texted me this pic of our “Little Toms”:

And then this pic of Owen driving one of their power wheels cars…which, if you recall, he won’t even barely sit (let alone drive) his own police car! So needless to say I was surprised…and of course, apparently other kids’ toys are more fun than your own!

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  1. GJ says:

    He looks so old sitting there with a “friend”…………so grown up. Glad the Trimbles are back! Did he interact with the 5 yo? And the baby, that is cute. I can’t wait to see him with Katie Jean.

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