First blood draw!

Wow. I’m amazed.

Owen was a total ROCK STAR getting his blood drawn for the very first time this morning. :up: I expected the absolute worst…and though it didn’t start on a positive note (he didn’t want to get on the exam table for ANYTHING), it went well!

There were three techs in there (since I had told them it was his first time) and they asked me to hold him down in case he freaked out so I basically just leaned over the table and held his legs and chest…but I distracted him by telling him about the ice cream treat he would get and they distracted him by talking to him about the fish on the walls and he didn’t even feel the needle.

He didn’t flinch.
He didn’t squirm.
He didn’t cry.

In fact, he even pretended to sleep (snoring) when I suggested it. And afterwards, he picked green tape and loved it! He had to hold his arm out for just about everyone to see!

The treat I promised him for being good at the doctor! Not too many ice cream places are open at 9am, so we went to the commissary!

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