Snow, turtles, and seahorses, oh my!

Tom had today off, so we all went to The North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher. Owen didn’t have the longest attention span (so we spent longer driving there and back than we did at the aquarium) but we still had fun.

The first exhibit area was freshwater fish, turtles, frogs, crocodiles (or alligators or both—I will never remember the difference), and snakes…nothing really noticable in and of itself…except they had misters that went off every five minutes or so and Owen thought it was snow and just loved it and kept asking for/saying “Snow! Snow! Snow!” :)

Between exhibition areas, you pass through a little room where you get your pictures taken on a green screen (and will, of course, later have the chance to purchase them) and amazingly, Owen did well with the instruction to hold his arms out so it would look like he was surfing:

Then we got instructions to look scared by putting our hands up to our faces…which we all have done…except Owen, who looked scared by hiding his face! :)

Then, a normal group photo.

It was a fairly speedy trip through the rest of the aquarium, but Owen did like the sting rays, seahorses, and playing in the crab:

Looking at fish with Gram:

Then Owen got a treat from the gift store…which he played with on the final walk outside.

We stopped to look at turtles on a log…

And birds in a field…

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