I just love my boy.

He was eating his sammich for breakfast when he says “Bunny!” And I looked, and damn if his last remaining piece of crust didn’t look like a bunny (I tried to get a good pic but this is the best I could get.) So he hopped it through the yogurt a few times, then ate it. :)

You have to love his imagination. He says “Statue!” then points out the eyes, nose, and mouth! (Well, I saw the face, too—but I’m not sure why he called it a statue.)

One of his new games is to fake run into something and fall, saying “Help! Help! Mama help!” If Tom is around, he’ll go over and fawn over him, pick him up, then carry him to me where I zerbert his belly. If it’s just me, he’ll just lay there saying help help help in the cutest voice. I might go over and say “Oh no! Did you fall down? Are you okay?” To which he responds yes, he’s okay. This was one of his falls today where he ended up just laying there chilling out. :)

Then, while he was playing in the bath, I hear “Copter!” and look down and see this. I love his imagination.

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