Do parents not teach school fundraising etiquette?

I hate school fundraisers because it’s always overpriced crap…but if a kid comes to my door, is polite, introduces themselves [and tells me if they’re a neighbor/on my street if they don’t already know me], tells me what they’re selling and what the money goes toward, I WILL buy something.

But these kids who ring the bell and just say “I’m selling stuff for school. Do you want anything?” and then just stand there waiting? Or see me sitting on the porch and yell from the road “Wanna buy some cookie dough?” Sorry, not gonna happen.

Do parents not coach their kids at all on this stuff?

I certainly hope by the time Owen is school-age, they will just take a monetary donation so we can skip the selling nightmares. But if they don’t, you can be damn sure he’ll be polite and knowledgeable about what he’s selling.

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