Owen is a rock star!

Owen is such a rock star when it comes to going out and about.

  • First, he loves car rides, and always asks for a car ride, so running errands is no big deal.
  • Second, he usually takes cars with him, so if he’s not in the cart, he’s playing on the shelves with his cars.
  • Third, when I say “Owen, follow me please / Pick up your cars / I’m walking away, come here please” — he does.
  • Fourth, when he’s sitting in the cart (usually in the basket, not the kid seat) he’s just so happy looking around and doesn’t mind me packing in stuff around him.
  • Fifth, he doesn’t get cranky when he’s looking at/playing with something and I make him move on.

We just got home from two hours of errands and it was no. big. deal.

//knock on wood//

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