The laptop saga, part 3.

So, when I last talked to (10/6), they said I would hear from someone within 1-2 days about my issues. Yeah, I got an email and voice mail from them today. Apologizing up the wazoo about taking so long and all the problem I’ve had… The voice mail asked for clarification on some things, so I sat in the parking lot of Kroger and sent a response from my phone. Among other things, I said I did not want a third laptop UNLESS (and only unless) they could give me a big discount on it.

We’ll see what happens.

A few hours later…

Oh. My. Gawd.

The rep replied and said she didn’t see anything in my account about a return for the laptop and asked if I wanted her to initiate a return. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. >:XX

Needless to say I kind of went off on her, though somewhat nicely:

I have to say I am completely gobsmacked that there is no return in process. I made it VERY clear to the rep I spoke with on 10/6 (I think it was Evelyn if that helps) that I was returning the second laptop and she assured me she would initiate a return via UPS label and I would receive it via email in 3-5 business days. This comes after the FIRST rep I talked to (during the initial Concierge/ phone calls weeks ago) said I’d receive a return label…and about 9 days later I hadn’t received it (OR the replacement laptop), so contacted via the website asking about my return/replacement status, and they informed me the return hadn’t been processed (at that point). I received the UPS email the very next day. So long story short, YES, please start the return process.

Then I told them there must be something wrong with their returns system, as TWO SEPARATE REPS said they initiated a return, and both apparently failed.

THEN I asked directly about receiving a credit since she didn’t bring it up.

I love Costco, but this is RIDICULOUS.

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