My First Bechamel!

I have always wanted to make it because it sounds good and looks fairly easy, so tonight I decided to try it—we bought Lobster Ravioli at Costco and it sounded like a perfect match.

So, how did it go? Well, I almost kinda screwed it up but it ended up okay. B)

I measured four cups of milk to start heating, but when I mixed it with the roux, it was WAY too thick, so I thought “Well, this is strange, I guess I have to add more milk.” (Thinking How can a recipe from Mario Batali be so wrong?) And I turned around and there was the rest of the milk on the counter.

/slaps head/

I apparently only poured the first 2-cup measure in the pan to heat up—that’s what I get for trying to start dinner and make sure Owen doesn’t eat anything bad or get into trouble at the same time.

I added garlic salt, pepper, and parmesean and it was yummy. I will definitely make it again (and try other spices and cheeses)!

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