Our trip to Target

My back hurts like hell (like I could tell it might go out on me) but I needed to get diapers so I headed to Target with the boy, figuring how hard could it be. So we are shopping and I picked out a bunch of baby food, sippy cups, etc., then he was getting a little fussy, so I grabbed a pack of yogurt fruit chips (a new snack) off the shelf to give him. And he proceeded to vomit his entire lunch all over him and the cart cover (at least I had that on). I should know better than to give him a new snack like that.


I didn’t have the diaper bag (because it was just going to be a quick run) which meant I had no wipes—just his one burp cloth (which wasn’t much help because he barfed on that, too). It stunk so bad it made me about gag. And then I felt like the bad mom because I couldn’t even clean up my kid—and he was covered, literally, from neck to knee in barf.

And I hadn’t even gotten to the diapers yet, so I thought “Do I keep shopping, or just leave the cart? But I need diapers…” so I grabbed the diapers and waited in line. Feeling like a complete schmuck. With a smelly baby. Wishing it wasn’t the holiday season with five people in each line.

Well, he had barfed on a sippy cup package, so I held that and had the girl scan it, telling her WHY. So I pay, rush him out to the car, and…


I throw my back out when putting him in the car seat. Well, not technically throw my back out, but you know how you can just feel your back catch and it’s like someone knifed you and you can’t move? Yeah, that. So I was practically in tears just trying to get him in the car seat, while trying to cover the barfed-on coat with another clean burp cloth so the barf wouldn’t get all over the car seat.

So then I go to put the bags in the car and…


I didn’t have my bag with all the baby stuff in it. I had the diapers and the barfed-on sippy cup, but that’s it. So I pulled up and parked in the fire zone (something I NEVER DO), locked the car, and ran in to the register to see if my bag was still there. The same young girl was there (because, swear to god, it was only like five minutes later) and she looked at me with NO recognition whatsoever (I had really expected her to be like “Oh, here is your bag!” like usually happens) so I said “I came back to get my bag” and she was all “Huh? What?” and asked when I had been there because she just came on.



You can’t remember me when I just left a few minutes before? (I’ve been a cashier. You don’t forget that quickly. Especially when I had a story about a barfing kid.) So she asks what was in the bag and I told her baby food, sippy cups, etc. and she STILL doesn’t remember. Ugh. She tells me I can take the receipt to customer service and I can probably go get the stuff again.

Of course that is a pain in the ass because I have A BABY IN THE >:XX CAR PARKED IN THE FIRE LANE and I’m trying to rush—and I don’t want to bring him back in because he’s covered head to toe in vomit AND my back is on fire. So I think “I’ll just ask for my money back” so I run out to get the receipt, run back, and see about 10 people in line. At which point I almost lost it.


So I call the store from the parking lot and relay the story and the girl says I can come back in today to either get the stuff again or get my money back. At least that went well, but now I either have to go back out once Tom gets home or send him, neither of which sound appealing, but it’s like $50 worth of stuff. Ugh.

So, not a fun “quick trip” to Target—and forget hitting Kroger on the way home like I had planned.

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