Homeowners Insurance – UGH – Part 4

This is STILL a nightmare, going on—what??—six months now? Seven? Eight?

A few weeks back, we got notice that Farm Bureau was cancelling our insurance because we hadn’t paid something (I think it was). Well, we had paid, but they hadn’t received it or the agent had to confirm something or whatever. Whatever it was, we received a cancellation notice. So we got that taken care of and thought we were done. We received the “cancellation rescinded” notice and thought great, we’re REALLY done.

Then we received our mortgage escrow analysis…with a new mortgage payment about $400 more a month! 88| Yeah, turns out they still had the incorrect insurance premium on there. I guess it was confusing since it was our primary residence, then it wasn’t but it was empty, and then we got renters…so actually I should have been surprised if there WEREN’T problems with the statement.

So anyway, since they hadn’t gotten the updated insurance amounts, they said we would have like a $3,000 deficit, which would raise our mortgage payment by like $400. I called to request an escrow REanalysis and they ended up having to call the insurance company to get the correct premium amounts.

So, we did get it figured out, but we still have a shortfall that increases our monthly payment like $150. Which is better than a $400 increase, but still…instead of being in the hole $250 each month like we are now (since we couldn’t rent it for what our actual mortgage was), we will now be in the hole $400 a month.


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