Tom’s job. Ugh.

So it’s no secret I don’t like his job. The hours suck and he gets maybe one Saturday off a month. He really can’t take any time off because every time he tries, he has to work. Which is exactly what I just found out…

My Grayling baby shower is scheduled for Saturday, April 18. I told him this almost a month ago when we first picked that day. He said he would have no problem getting it off. Cool.

Fast forward to this weekend, when I reminded him about the date. So he asked today and…guess what?

He has to work! Of course!

As it so happens, the big boss is going to be out of town…and someone else is going to be at training…and someone else has some other issue…so Tom will be the only one able to be there—and someone has to be there.


So, really, it wouldn’t have even mattered if Tom had requested the day way back when—because the other guys aren’t available due to work things…Tom would have had to work anyway. Even if he had already been cleared for that day.

So now I get to travel to Grayling—with the baby—alone for the weekend.

I am sure I will be just fine, but I am irritated as all hell that Tom can’t go. I mean, it’s not like this is the first set of plans that has been screwed up due to his job.

Oh yeah, did I mention? The big Schwalmlette & Smithlette family reunion this summer? Where the entire family will be together at one time (which hasn’t happened since before we moved to NC, I think)? That we are dying to go to? That Tom assured me he would have no issues getting time off for since we knew MONTHS in advance?

Yeah, he just found out he has training in South Carolina the week before, and it overlaps the vacation time by a day or so. So we either don’t go at all, or pay for the entire week’s share of vacation (not cheap) and are only able to use like 3-4 days of it, or I go alone. What options, eh?


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