Two car garage my ass.

We were so excited that this house had a two-car garage…until we actually LOOKED at it and measured it, and saw that it was QUITE small. (And not just small compared to our last garage, which we know was larger than normal…but just plain small.) And pretty much every house on the block is like this (no wonder everyone parks in the driveway).

Just parking two cars in the driveway next to each other was a tight fit—parking in a normal manner, the driver (of the car on the left) and the passenger (of the car on the right) would exit directly onto the lawn. Which wouldn’t be a big deal…WHEN THERE’S NO SNOW. So I couldn’t imagine trying to get both of our cars in the garage, which is technically narrower than the driveway (since the walls of the garage come out about a foot on either side).

But, for the most part, it didn’t really matter right away, since the garage was filled with boxes and odds and ends.

Until tonight.

Tom had finally moved and organized enough stuff so that there was room to get his car in (it had been decided beforehand that his would go in the garage, since he’s the one that has to work!).

And if you can believe it, HIS car—his tiny car—is a tight fit (length-wise)!! I am not even sure I’d attempt to get my car in, even if there was room width-wise.

My first thought was “Well, this house is old. Built in the 70s I think.” But what kind of excuse is that? Do you remember cars from the 70s? Huge things! I would hazard a guess that no car ever parked in this garage…except we can see some oil stains.

So, that’s something else to add to our Dream House List—a HUGE garage. Or, at least one big enough to fit two cars.

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