I hate computers today.

Everything was working peachy when I decided to run Windows update and install whatever it needed (important stuff). I also ran Secunia and updated the things it told me were insecure.

I rebooted.

A while later, I realize I can’t print. Interesting. It says I have no printers installed.

Huh? What?

I check, and nope, no printers. :crazy:

I reboot, just because that’s what you always do first when something like that happens. RIGHT? RIGHT!

Now I had printers, but I got Windows error messages about the “spooler subsystem app has stopped working” and you couldn’t actually manage any of the printers…meaning I couldn’t add a printer or delete a printer. Not even in safe mode.

Well, this is when I realize that maybe it had something to do with the updates, so I did a system restore to before the updates. It didn’t work. I tried another, earlier, restore, and there were errors during the process, so nothing was changed. >:XX So then I tried to revert back the initial restore I did—and there were errors with that, too—so who the hell knows where my system is at. All I know is now there are like two more programs that aren’t working, antivirus being one of them. >:XX

After some googling and an attempt at a solution (that didn’t work) I just kept rebooting I did manage to get the printer installed again, but it still won’t print and I haven’t the first idea why. (Of course, this all started because there is something we HAVE to get printed out.)

Then, after one of these reboots, Outlook decides that it wasn’t shut down properly, and when it finally comes up after checking the “bad file,” all of my email account passwords are gone. WTF? (I get the popup boxes asking for my password.) I mean, how the hell does that happen? I assume since Outlook thinks I shut it down incorrectly, which I am pretty sure I didn’t. So I fill in what passwords I know and have to login to my admin stuff online to change the passwords I don’t know/can’t remember. GRRRRR. >:XX

In the midst, of course, I am trying to receive a lost password from HP, but the email address I used? I no longer have it, so the password reset email is lost in the ether…so I either keep guessing at passwords (it’s not one of my three major passwords for sites like that) or create a new account (major pet peeve of mine).

So I email Tom to tell him to print out what we need (it’s for him and he emailed it to me this morning) because my computer is hosed. He calls and asks what’s up, and I briefly try to tell him, and he gets a little snotty with me (sorry hon, you did!) because I can’t print it for him and he’s busy and can’t talk. |-| Well, I didn’t call him to tell him what was wrong, did I? He asked! (And with these pregnancy hormones? Watch out!)

So at this point I still can’t print, my antivirus isn’t working, I can’t get my HP password—and I am ready to heave the computer into the garbage.

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