Field & Stream? Really?

So I get to work this morning and there’s a copy of Field & Stream—addressed to me at my work address—on my desk.

Yeah, exactly, HUH?

So I call the publisher and they say “Oh, it was ordered by m2mags, Vistaprint, here is their number to call them.”

Again: HUH :?

So I call the number and it’s completely automated, saying we have not been charged, we received the magazine complimentary from a partner site, yada yada yada.

Okay, cool. But why the hell Field & Stream? What about ordering business cards gets someone on the Field & Stream list?


I couldn’t even cancel over the phone—I have to send an email.

Interesting morning so far…

18 thoughts on “Field & Stream? Really?

  1. Barb says:

    Yep. Same thing for me but Bicycling mag. No one in my family bikes. Did you ever get it canceled? I still have not figured out how to reach someone to cancel mine.

  2. ccorsair says:

    Oh i got better My wife goes to the mail box we have and picks up the mail and at dinner she hands me a magazine cover and said hey dear here is your new subscription..I look at the mag cover ,,it ESSECE Magazine..Ah me and my wife are both white and over 40 why would even want this mag? so I started digging this morning and yep and the magazine company said the can’t unsubscribe me i have to get m2m to do but the have stop the order for a short that will help.

    By end of day i will have answer and i will have this order stop and will the company..I don’t like BS like this as it just some scam to get you info.. you email to cancel good you just gave them the info to now spam you and get away with it .. you contact them you gave them your info so now the can send every ad the can to your mail box and email and if they get a phone number that to..

    I hate people like this i will fine the owner of this company i will shut him down.


  3. alex says:

    i’m having the same trouble, went through the same channels: from In Style Magazine (for which I have no need for whatsoever) to M2mag…and now I see it’s all because of Vista Print? Vista Print helped me with my new business with a great website and cheap business cards, but seems there’s a trade off. And there’s no one there to contact in person, either. Man, this makes me mad!

  4. alan says:

    I just got a magizine from Money mag. My free subscription was from Blue Dolphne. Same thing call to cancel instructed to go to web site. Scamed by a cheap website has anyone been able to find the website to cancel??????

  5. B Adams says:

    I received MotorBoating yesterday and never subscribed to it. I got the same runaround all of you got. I don’t want this magazine. At least we did not receive ESSENCE.

  6. Andrew says:

    So Vista Print is the culprit. We were wondering why we started receiving Modern Bride. We ordered some products from Vista Prints. We do not mind, though, since we do wedding photography, and the photos in the magazine help us with our own shots. Has anybody, though, been billed for his or her subscription without knowing it? If it’s free, and you don’t want it, just throw it out. If you’re paying for it, though, then it is definitely an illegal scam.

  7. Dallas says:

    I started receiving Health magazine the same way after ordering from vistaprint. I’m as interested in being healthy as much as the next guy, but Health magazine should be called “Women’s Health” since it’s all about feminine issues. Examples: Their subscriber poll asks: What type of man do you fantasize about? and their content includes eye shadow secrets, black dress style secrets, and “Is it Just Cramps… or Cancer?” regarding ovarian issues…

    Needless to say, I have zero interest in this magazine, and would have much preferred Field & Stream or Money…

  8. SUSAN says:

    I ordered form Vista and got a subscription to Gof Magazine the last magazine I would want. I have emeiled service at does thei work?

  9. Sam says:

    I just started getting Golf too, and couldn’t figure out why. Tried to cancel and was told to call M2Mags. Called and got the email address to write to to cancel (if you need it, it’s supposedly I’ve sent an email, so now I guess we wait and see. I don’t care that it’s free. I abhor golf. If you’re going to sign me up for a free magazine, at least let me select it!

  10. Sherrie says:

    I can beat you all. My husband started receive a magazine called Blender. (hard rock and nakedness) now he is receiving Maxim; full of half naked women and articles we will not have in our home. I have a 10 year old daughter who frequently gets our mail and just recently my mother picked up our mail while we were out of town and guess what was in the mail? I am sick of this. They are exposing a minor to illicit materials. We too had only ordered business cards from Vista Print. I have tried to cancel the subscription and the email address will not work.

  11. TJM says:

    I just emailed M2 Media ( to ask how they got my information and why they initiated a subscription in my name. I also emailed Vistaprint (, reminding them that I never “opted-in” to third party disclosure (as per their privacy policy) and I want my personal information deleted from their systems. I explained the situation, which leads me to no longer trust their ability to safeguard my personal information.

  12. Dax says:

    I started getting GOLF magazine too and have no idea how they got my information. I never went to vistaprint (dont even know what it is). I called golf magazine, they said call, the automated systems says to email I get an auto response saying if you want to cancel go here.

    I filled out that form 2 weeks ago and have not heard anything. They do not even send an auto response after filling out that form.

    I received another golf magazine they other day! UGH

  13. Dax says: got back to me today and canceled my membership to GOLF magazine. They said I was enrolled free because of my membership to Eharmony last May. So that form i posted above works.


  14. Kat says:

    The same thing happened to me, Dax. eHarmony sold my personal contact information to a third party vendor without my knowledge or consent and now I’ve had to jump through numerous hoops in the hope of getting m2mags to cancel a subscription for Women’s Health that I never ordered or wanted.

    I’m so disgusted with eHarmony – a service that touts dealing in values, honesty, and trust – that I will never be a member of their service again.

    I also found another another blog on the net that stated that, after sending m2mag an email requesting the magazine cancellation, that they received an email directing them to this web address to cancel:

    Hope this information will help others deal with this scam!

  15. Tom says:

    Sounds like we may have a class action suit against Vistaprint for violating our privacy by allowing thrid party access to our address

  16. Tom says:

    Ok – So I did a little more research. I was receiving JET Magazine for no reason. I tried M2Mags, all the forms, Blue Dolphin publishing and so on. I even looked up M2Mags CEO and other officers to make an attempt and contact them through Facebook possibly (I haven’t heard back yet). After getting on this site and reading your comments about Vistaprint – a company that I value, I decided to find some contact on them. Upon reviewing their privacy policy I came across customer service number (1-866-614-7996) and called. It winds up that they indeed were showing a copy of JET being mailed to me. I claimed that this was a viloation of their privacy policy as it shows on the website, and the representative claimed that I was given the option to reject the offer at the end of my online Vistaprint order. She also stated that a magazine subscription is offered for all orders over $20. Since this was not my first order over $20, I got the feeling that she was just trying to cover the company. After a light display of my frustration and displeasure in their actions, she apologized for any inconvenience and removed my subscription. I also asked what to do if I received another copy and was told to call the same number. This is beyond frustrating to say the least and seriously has me reconsidering my account with Vistaprint. Although I value their services, I am extremely angry that I had to deal with this. I find it a violation of my privacy rights as a consumer. If anyone moves forward on any actions then please let me know.

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