Computer Woes

I am so tired of this crap I want to throw it out the @#%$ window.

So if you haven’t heard, I have been having MAJOR computer issues. I tried to reinstall Windows to fix some major errors, and it didn’t work—so now I am stuck with Windows XP Pro SP1—which you need SP2 for just about everything since SP1 is not secure. So, after dealing with that for a good long week, we decided to order me a new computer—with Vista Home Premium. The first one arrived damaged, so had to send it back (and it hasn’t even been picked up yet) and I had to order a new one, which came today.

So I started up the new computer just fine, and went to transfer my settings with the stupid $30 Easy Transfer cable I bought. But guess what? It won’t work, since my old computer no longer has SP2 installed (it refused to install, which is one of the reasons we got a new computer)! Of course, NOTHING on the cable packaging says it needs SP2. Lovely. So I try to use the transfer program that is already installed in XP (which the Vista computer told me to do) and that pops up, but of course cannot find the other computer (yes, the cable is attached). However, when the cable is plugged into the old computer, I get a Found New Hardward Wizard, but the software won’t install, even if I direct it to the correct drive (which, I assume, is because I don’t have SP2 installed).

So it looks like I wasted $30 on this stupid cable. Wonderful. Maybe Sams will take it back, but it says right on the packaging that it cannot be returned, only exchanged for the same item. I either need a drink or I need to go to bed.

Why did I think this would be easy?


Oh, now I’m having even MORE fun. I discovered that I can save my settings to a CD or thumb drive to transfer them to the new computer. Cool. So I put them on a thumb drive and…Vista can’t see it (within the Transfer function). I tell it it’s on a flash drive, pick the correct drive, and hit next and it says “put the media in” — um, it IS in. I try again, nothing. There is a password field, but I have no idea what that’s for, so I try my logon password and that does nothing, either. So I think, maybe it’s an issue with the thumb drive, so I burn it to a CD. And that doesn’t work either.


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