My Leg Update

I went to the specialist this morning (the same guy I went to in 2004/2005 and who did my surgery). The gist of the visit was that there is an issue and they need to do more tests…so I have an appointment at the hospital in two weeks, at which time the results will determine what comes next (possibly another surgery). If I recall correctly, I believe he said that the other surgery is a more invasive surgery than the one they did before (something like the one he did two years ago was the starter surgery, for lack of a better term, to see if that took care of it). Of course, he also said that I should be wearing my compression stockings as much as possible. :oops:

Oh, and he said the “pulled muscle” that I experienced was unrelated to the vein issues, and that he didn’t hear anything that sounded like a clot—but the hospital tests will show more.

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