Strange coincidence of the day, v2.

Earlier tonight I talked to Tom. During our conversation he asked if he could call me at work and I said “Most certainly!!” I then continued and said “You can call me ANYTIME! But, really, don’t #$&@ call me at 3am if you can help it.” :D

An hour or so later, I was talking to a friend (one we met at New Years in Raleigh), and we were talking about how we really enjoyed talking to one another and how he can always make me laugh…and he told me I can call him any time day or night—except, he said, “Don’t #$&@ call at like 3am.” :))

Of course, I had to tell him what I had said earlier and he got a big kick out of that. We are so much on the same wavelength sometimes it’s frightening.

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