Thursday is D-Day

So the time is drawing near and although logically I know what’s coming Thursday, I still can’t really believe it. I’m not sure when it will finally hit home—when he’s packing the car, when I drop him off, when I get home to an empty house, my first night sleeping alone, the call in the middle of the night when we gets wherever he’s going, the first morning he’s not there when I wake up, the first day I don’t get a call from him at work (we typically talk at least twice a day, if not more often), the first time I have to do something around the house he normally does…okay, I have to stop, because I’m at work and I don’t want to start crying. :cry:

This just sucks, period. :cry:

One thought on “Thursday is D-Day

  1. dad says:

    We are all with you babe. Your grandmother would be so proud of you. I know your dad is of both of you. Let us hope that time really does fly. Whatever you need you have a tremendous support group around you. Take advantageof it. We’ll take care of you. Just let us know what to do. I hope Grandmas and grandpas are in the guardian angel business.

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