I think my heart stopped this morning.

So Tom and I were getting ready this morning (he doesn’t have to be in until 9am this week) and as usual, Maggie was running loose. Well, I was downstairs getting stuff out of the dryer and I heard racing around upstairs (Maggie and the cats sound like a herd of elephants, I swear!) and as I was walking through the living room, I noticed a blur of movement in my peripheral vision—as Charlie came flying down over the balcony and landed in the foyer with a THUNK!


I think my heart either skipped a few beats or just stopped completely.

She didn’t seem any worse for the wear and she wasn’t making any noise like she was in pain—but she wasn’t moving, either—she was just sitting there (like normal). I went over to her and she ran away from me (like normal) and when I was finally able to pick her up, she was squirmy (like normal) so I guessed she was just fine.

But it was a good five minutes before my now-racing heart was back to normal.

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