I hate sunshine in the morning.

At work, that is, when I’m at my desk.

You see, the sun shines DIRECTLY in through the glass front door DIRECTLY into my eyes when I’m sitting where I normally should be. So, to avoid the BLINDING sun, I have to scrunch/lean to the left and throw my back out of whack.

Of course, my bosses don’t care about this at all since they don’t have to sit here and be thoroughly annoyed (or blinded) by it. Similarly, they also don’t seem to care that I have to have the blinds shut otherwise I have a headache after about an hour—I have a huge window right at my desk…which sounds nice, but it’s extremely bright and annoying. I’ve mentioned it time and again and have actually been told yes, something needs to be done (since they don’t like the blinds closed) but has anything happened?

I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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