I am tired of my job.

I know you all know I don’t like working, period. ;) But this is different. At this point, almost two years in, I am really just tired of my job.

Just. Plain. Tired.

Tired of the same paperwork, the same forms, the same phone calls, the same questions, the same emails, the same faxes, the same irritations…in short, the same routine hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month. Mondays are the worst, of course, when things that shouldn’t bother me bother me MORE than they should and every request from anyone makes me want to scream.

I feel bad because I do like my boss and the work is easy…but I am just tired of it. I would love to do something new, but unless I can make more money, what’s the point? At least here I have a co-worker I can vent to, the office is close to home, and it’s a very casual atmosphere.

One thought on “I am tired of my job.

  1. dad says:

    My dear Jennifer,

    Welcome to the real world again. Get involved in something besides work. Something to look forward to . Volunteer, paint, write, build(god forbid), walk, whatever, just do it. Nobody likes pity parties. Grandpa Len always said that,”you always find time to do what you really want to do.” So get out and do it. You can never be really happy unless the the things you believe in are the same as the things you do. So quit spending so much money and find another job or get more into the one you are doing. By the way, you misspelled a word in your blog. I never thought I would see that day!

    Love ya

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