My second new phone

So last night, Tom went to grab my phone and it said No Service. Odd, since his phone was fine. So, after a call to Alltel and some basic tech support, we were told I’d need a new phone.

Hoo boy.

I had all my numbers backed up, but getting a new phone meant I would lose my protective stickers (you can only stick them on once), all the photos that were attached to each contact (so your picture comes up when you call), all my specialized ringtones, all the ringtones attached to each contact (like the photos, so a certain person calls and a certain song plays), and both games that I purchased!! Luckily, I was able to get a credit for the games I’d bought (so I can download them again) but otherwise, I had to totally reprogram my phone…

Not fun.

But, I did get a brand new phone (it was under warranty), so that was good.

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