Our wedding weekend in DC

There was too much riding in the car (about 7 hours each way).

There was too much traffic (I will NEVER live in or near a large city—you couldn’t pay me enough to live in or near DC—it took us 1:30 to drive the last 20 miles).

There was not nearly enough visiting… Of course you never get to spend any time with the bride and groom, but….the other friends that were going to be there (that we haven’t seen in three years) never showed up!!!!! (To be honest, we were really ticked off, although of course we hope nothing serious happened.)

The wedding was nice, but nothing out of the ordinary—although we were a little surprised by the DANCERS during the wedding. It was announced there was going to be a “musical interlude” and out of nowhere, these six dancers came zooming down the aisle, dressed in white leotards and shimmery white tops with scarves attached to their fingers. Oh. My. We looked on in utter disbelief. We are still trying to figure out why anyone would do that….and we found out at the reception that it was a surprise by the bride to the groom. Hoo boy.

The reception was a reception. Since our friends didn’t show up, we knew exactly two people at the wedding—the groom and the best man (my old manager and my old regional manager). So you can imagine how little talking and visiting we did. Oh, and did I mention we were two of the five white people there? Not that it matters, of course, but it was just funny. So we were looking forward to drinking and dancing and whatnot, but the reception was over by 7:30 and we never even got to dance—pretty much every song they played was some line-dancing “hustle” type song. Blech. Even the groom said “This is NOT my kind of music.” The best part of the reception, however, was when the groom sang to the bride—he has a GREAT voice and it was a total surprise to her—and I love to hear him sing so that was cool.

The best part of the whole thing, though, was how tickled the groom was that we had come. We were never FRIENDS, per se, as he was MY MANAGER, but he is one of my favorite people ever and he is just such a great guy that I would go to the ends of the earth for him. And that’s saying a lot.

Tracey Wedding DC

So, we left the reception and went to Chevy’s where I had THE BEST DAMN MARGARITAS OF MY LIFE (we had dined there the previous night and I fell in love with the margaritas, so we had to go back), plus hubby and I each did a $9 double-shot of Don Julio tequila just to see what good tequila tastes like. (I say it was a double shot because the bartender’s shots were GENEROUS.) Well, going down it wasn’t so bad, it was actually quite smooth, but the aftertaste was still pretty much tequila.

We got to stop at Ikea on the way home and spent money on stuff we certainly could have lived without, but you know how that goes. I had to drive part way while Tom napped, and I am reminded just how much I hate driving—there are so many stupid drivers I had a headache within minutes. I was doing 10 over in the slow lane getting passed by people doing at least 20 over, then those same people slow down and I pass them, then they’re on my ass and trying to pass me on the right and cutting people off because they refuse to slow down, and then people cutting me off from passing because god forbid I get in front of them. I get sooo frustrated. I have to live somewhere without that nonsense.

And now we’re back at home and we got Maggie back from friends and all is right with the world.

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