Today must not be my day.

First, the dog and my shoe (see previous entry below). Then, dinner didn’t turn out quite as expected (new meatloaf recipe). Not BAD, but not great—alterations must be made for trial #2.

But the worst thing JUST happened. To backtrack, I’ve been carrying around my paycheck and another check (both from my boss) in my purse all weekend. We tried to go deposit them Saturday but the drive-thru lines were each like 5 cars long (including the ATM line) and the inside line was about 20 people deep. Fast forward through tons of running errands yesterday and today. This afternoon we go to Staples and I physically remember seeing my check—in the same spot in my purse where it had been all weekend. Fast forward to just now, when I go to retrieve the check to give to hubby to deposit and…it’s gone. Disappeared. Not in the purse pocket where it’s been for three days. Not anywhere in my purse. We emptied the car—nothing. It had to have fallen out at Staples, but if anyone would have turned it in, they would know who I was (since I did work there) and they would call me. So I can assume if it did fall out, no one turned it in. I’m assuming no one can deposit them since, although they’re signed, they do have “deposit only” and my account number on them.

I’m scared what the rest of the night might bring…


Long story short, someone did turn in my checks at Staples. The manager tried to call me Monday, but apparently not hard enough as to actually leave a message anywhere… so I didn’t find out until Tuesday morning…after we’d already put a stop payment on the checks. Oh well. At least it shows there are still good people out there!

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