More computer issues.

In trying to update my Hudson Ink website, I messed up some code and the site is totally wonky now. In doing so, of course I overwrote the files needed to revert back to the original. I emailed my web support people to go to a backup, but by the time they got back to me, it was too late—they only keep the backup from the previous day. I remembered I had backup files on the new hard drive so found what I needed, but… discovered that I was having login problems and couldn’t access my files. I finally got through to web support and they had to move my domain to a new location so I could access it differently. In doing so, something happened and I lost access to my files for a few days. Now, those things are fixed (well, I haven’t had time to fix Hudson Ink yet) and email is down. I haven’t gotten any email since Sunday morning and am waiting for web support to answer me.

Sometimes I hate computers and am just tempted to chuck the whole shebang out the window.

P.S. This wasn’t actually posted until 3/20 because I was also having blog issues—when they moved my hudson-ink domain, it changed the directory structure and my blog publishing links no longer worked and it took this long to get it figured out!

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