I hate our neighbor’s dogs!

Not our next-door neighbor’s dog, but the people who moved in across our back yard.

First, they put up a huge fence around their whole yard to house their two dogs. And when I say “house their dogs” I mean 24/7. Those poor dogs are always out there—they never seem to be let in the house and we never see anyone out playing with them or giving them any attention. We’re TOTALLY not that type of person—we just cannot understand why someone would want dogs if they’re never going to be with them.

Anyway, second, they bark. A lot. All the time, but especially in the mornings. It’s really annoying when I’m trying to get the last few possible minutes of sleep but they’re barking and barking and barking and barking. HELLO? People? Do you not hear your dogs barking? Do something about it! (Yes, they’re home—we can see their cars.)

Third, whenever we take Maggie out to do her business and she hears them barking, she loses all train of thought and wants to get as close as possible to them. So we end up wandering around the yard while she sniffs and listens…and she totally forgets about peeing or pooping.


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