My new favorite show is Firefly, which really sucks because there was only one season produced and it was cancelled long ago (2002). A million curses to the stupid Fox executives and their inability to successfully promote the show and keep it on the air for more than one lousy season (as evidenced by the fact I’m just now, in 2006, learning about it). This show is miles ahead of most of the slop out there today, and I believe it would easily have run for many seasons if more people had been able to actually see it in the first place. So, I highly recommend you rent or purchase the first season on DVD and then go out and rent or purchase the movie, Serenity (2005).

At the moment, I’m torn…do I rush through the remaining episodes one right after the other because they’re THAT good and I can’t get enough, or do I dole them out slowly, taking my time, because I know I only have a few more to go before THE END?

Life is not fair.

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