Wells Fargo….UGH!

So I get an email tonight saying our mortgage payment was not able to be processed and to call this 800 number. I logon to our online account and it says REJECTED. There is no reason for the payment to have been rejected, as there is plenty of money in the account and this is not the first time I scheduled an online payment (so I know all the routing numbers, etc., are correct).

So I call the 800 number and that’s where the fun begins. I input our loan number and the last four of my social. “I’m sorry, we cannot locate your account…” Okay, so I try again and use Tom’s social. That works. Great. So I go through the security spiel (loan number, social, name, address, phone) and say my payment was rejected—what’s up with that? He says “As far as I can tell, the payment has been made” and he sees no mention of any rejection (even when I give him a reference number). “Oh, you scheduled the payment online? I can’t help you with that, you’ll have to talk to the online support, here’s their number but let me transfer you.” Fine. Transferring…and….”We cannot take your call at this time. Thank you.” *click*

You have GOT to be kidding me.

So I call the 800 number he gave me for online support and pressed whatever number and I go through the whole security spiel again and my whole rejection spiel and…”Oh, you did it online? I don’t have access to that information, let me connect you.” WAIT, I say, I just went through this with another rep and I called the 800 number he gave me—and I got you! She’s sorry, yada yada yada, I have no information, let me transfer you. UGH, fine. Transferring…and…”We cannot take your call at this time. Thank you.” *click*


So I’m steaming mad by this time and go bitch to Tom. I decide to give it another go and come back and try once more. This time I wait until I get an operator (listening through the entire Spanish menu) and he’s what I need. Oh, so apparently I was wrong when I originally pressed one for “If you have a question with your mortgage.” I go through my security spiel and rejection spiel and…???? He said the payment had been applied, but he did see the rejection note but didn’t have any idea why it was there. Lovely. He said I should wait until Thursday, in case it took a few days to actually post (and their system just says accepted because they’re expecting it). But he couldn’t explain why the system was telling me rejected if it was accepted. ARGH!!!!!! So now I have to watch my bank statement like a hawk to see if the payment gets taken out, I have to call the bank to see if they have any notice of a payment being attemped (and if so, why it was rejected), and I have to worry about it for the next two days.

This is not my first beef with Wells Fargo. It’s a nightmare every time I have to call them for something and I’m always talking to the wrong person. I asked the original rep if he could fix it so that I could use MY SS# to access the account via phone and he said “Hmmm, I’m not sure why you can’t…your number is on the account. Maybe it only takes the primary SSN?” YOU ARE A CUSTOMER SERVICE REP AND YOU DON’T KNOW THIS SIMPLE ANSWER? I ask each time I call and no one has a clue.

Oh, and earlier this week we got a letter from them saying they tried to pay our annual taxes but they had already been paid (so they couldn’t pay them) so could we please look into it and get back to them and send them a copy of the paid statement. Okay… long story short, the taxes were paid through closing and you’d THINK the mortgage company would KNOW that, right? Ugh.

This sucks because I just stepped out of a nice hot shower and was all relaxed and ready to go to bed all nice and calm and now I’m all riled up and have a splitting headache.

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