Triple Birthday Party

We just got home from the Mitchell’s house (Roger, Ursula, Virginia, and Caroline). They threw us a triple birthday surf & turf bash – to celebrate Tom’s birthday, my upcoming birthday (since we won’t be here), and our other buddy Tom’s birthday. We had lobster and shrimp and crab legs and steak and homemade macaroni and cheese (I had one small scoop—I couldn’t resist!) and cole slaw and I made my broccoli salad and sugar free jello with cool whip and then we had an ice cream cake for dessert! So much food but all soooooo good! We had a great time! Of course, the boys drank too much and ended up making fools of themselves (as usual).

We also got the news that Karen (Tom’s wife) is pregnant! YEA! They’ve been trying for quite some time now and are just THRILLED!! Unfortunately, Tom is getting ready to deploy and will be gone when she’s ready to deliver!!! I just cannot imagine that! So, we’re her backup!! Ursula will probably go to lamaze with her and both households have been tapped for rides to the hospital! Congrats, Trimbles!

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