House update and paint pics online!

We only got around to painting one color this weekend—and I say one color and not one room because it was the downstairs foyer (including the second story part of the foyer) plus the upstairs walls! And honestly, some of it still needs a second coat…but I didn’t want to make Tom do it on his birthday, so it waits.






And the last edging coat on the second floor was done with a new can of paint…and it’s just a bit off, so I’m thinking a third coat (ugh!) will be necessary. We’ll give it a week or so to see if it ever blends in (you may laugh, but we thought we’d have to do a fourth coat in the dining room, but after two weeks, you couldn’t see the lines anymore). I don’t relish having to do a third coat just because the paint color is a bit off.

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