Body Makeover Update

Although meals at work went smashingly well, dinner was not enticing at all. AT ALL. Disheartening, if I was to pick a word. Fried potatoes, onions, and mushrooms SOUNDED good, but with no oil, salt, or butter, it was just BLAH (and I came to realize I don’t like fresh mushrooms AT ALL in that context). And the cooked broccoli was even worse—I couldn’t even eat it (granted, it was from frozen and not fresh, but still). It was one of those meals where in a normal world, you would eat, then 30 minutes later you’re prowling for something else to eat because you weren’t satisfied. The best part of the evening was the half of banana I had for my PM snack.

I know we still have more experimenting to do and recipes to try, but suffice it to say that overall I am disappointed thus far. And we’re already through one $14 bag of chicken and we’re only on Day 2. Hoo boy.

I will make it through the first week, then I will be adding SOME salt and SOME oil, otherwise this diet is DONE. I never thought food would be THIS unappetizing without the addition of some seasonings (okay, salt and fat). We have red pepper flakes and lemon juice and garlic powder and cumin and pepper and all that…but THEY’RE NOT SALT. Tom is picking up some salt substitute tonight, so hopefully that will change my perspective.

There is good news, though…I lost 2#. I know it’s mostly water, but still. It’s nice to see 2# less on the scale.

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