Stupidity, Instead of…

So I was just in the kitchen frying some sausage to have for ready for breakfasts this week.

Instead of the cake pan or jelly roll pan that I typically use to drain the sausage, I decided to use one of my new white porcelain platters because it was more convenient to retrieve.

Instead of putting the platter on the counter like I typically do, I put it on the stovetop.

Instead of just having green beans with our salmon for dinner, I decided to make instant miso soup.

Instead of making it in a soup pan like I normally do, I decided instead to use the tea pot to heat the water.

A minute or so later, I hear a loud and distinct POP and in that instant I was totally baffled…until I looked at the stovetop and my brand new, never-been-used, platter was in pieces!


I had (as I’ve done too many times to count) turned on the wrong damn burner. Generally, about 95% of the time I cook on the stove, I use the front burners. The remaining 5% is split between having to use the front burner and using two burners at a time. Needless to say I really hate electric stoves. I love my smooth top, but I love the INSTANT GRATIFICATION of flames. Of course, Tom had come running when he heard me swearing, and he was trying to get the pieces picked up. And instead of waiting for the pieces to cool, he grabbed one that was still hot and burned his fingers.


I was so mad at myself because, as I’ve said, this is not the first time I’ve done this. But typically there’s nothing on the burner. So, there was $10 down the toilet…ugh! But, the platter was apparently a fairly decent conductor of heat because the paper towels that had been sitting on it were brown. Anyway, I guess I was only meant to have one platter, because I bought two to have a set. Good thing they’re at Target so I could get another…if I dare.

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